Virtual Avatars for your website or social page



Professional, suit and tie,a natural for all presentations


Beautifully animated ,professional,yet casual.


Businessman,with natural smooth movement

The Doc

Medical theme,great for all types of medic presentations


Young professional,suit and tie,great for most themes


Beautifully animated,professional and congenial


Professional and casual,good voice for almost all presentations.


Cat man professional,suit and tie,great for animal themes

Construction Guy

Blue collar presenter,great for any kind of hands on recommendations


Upscale and casual,great presenter for any occasion

Child Boy

From a simpler time ,Norman Rockwell type boy,makes a simple point.

Child Girl

Have a website catering youth sales? ,get a relatable voice and presenter

Human spokespeople

Live Spokesperson

Prefer a live spokesperson?,Veronica will do a promotional video with green screen effects to highlight your services.

Make your presentation unique with a live presenter and green screen background.Send a High Definition picture and script of anything you want presented,and have a stunning green screen video made, with or without a live presenter,productions start at an amazingly low $55.00…WOW!

When I buy an avatar, what will I receive?

You will receive an imbed code for your website and a url link to your avatar, you can place the url link on social media and text sms, have your new assistant help you advertise your business.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! Try your new virtual assistant out for a full 14 days and if you aren’t satisfied, just drop us an email or support ticket and you will receive a full refund.

Do I have to upload my voice?

No, just send us your script and we will add a natural sounding avatar voice to present your message but, if you like, we can add your voice to the avatar of your voice.

How long is my avatar’s presentation?

 we generally recommend a 35 second presentation, which our studies show is the optimum time to capture your viewers attention, but we know you may have a lot to say so we offer each a 90 second limit, Over 3x the average presenter for a low unheard of price.

Is this a one time fee?


As a launch offer we are offering a $99 one time price which will allow up to 3 complete “swap out” changes of your avatar including script changes! Great for seasonal changes. You get to keep your Avatar for as long as you want.

note:There is an optional $25 per month plan that allows you to change and swap one avatar every month.  You can cancel anytime.


Let one of our virtual avatars assist you with your 360 degree tour, it’s the perfect compliment!

Get yourself a virtual assistant for your virtual tour,and have it work for you 24/7

Virtual tour avatars

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